$100 Off Duct Cleaning – Limited Special


Some people are naturally less sensitive to airborne debris, dust mites and pet dander. However, if your nose starts to itch just looking at dust on a table top, you might want to look for tell-tale signs of dirty ductwork, such as a noticeable build up of dirt blowing out of supply registers or visible mold inside the ducts.

The EPA suggests that the air in your house circulates through the air conditioning and heating ductwork five to seven times a day. So, there’s bound to be a lot of dust and debris from everyday living that you don’t want to breathe. If you have lots of dust on your furniture a day or two after dusting or you see pet hair around your vents, it is probably time for duct cleaning.

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Hey Jimmy and Donovan Heating & Air Crew

We just wanted to say "Thank You" for your help in trying to eliminate this strange dirty sock syndrome that.

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