Ruud Repair

Is your unit not turning on? Make sure your thermostat is working properly and replace the batteries if needed. You can also check the circuit breakers to see if the switches for your AC system are tripped. If not, your compressor and fan controls could be worn out from having your system turn off and on too frequently. At Donovan Heat & Air, our experienced technicians can diagnose your problems and perform a Ruud air conditioner repair to quickly restore your indoor comfort.

Common AC Repair Problems

Frozen Coils

If you’ve noticed water dripping from the indoor part of your unit, your AC system may be low on refrigerant or the air flow may be restricted. Either problem can lead to more serious mechanical failures if left unattended.

Dirty AC Filters

If you allow AC filters and air conditioning coils to become dirty, the air conditioner will not work properly and may cause compressor or fans to fail. Routine air filter replacement is a necessity.

Clogged Drain

Most of the time it is very humid in Florida. If the condensate drain is clogged, water removed by the unit cannot drain properly. Our repair technician can unclog your drain and demonstrate proper in-home maintenance.

Unit Not Running

A blown breaker or power not being supplied to your AC unit can cause this issue. If the breaker is reset and continues to trip, it is imperative to have a trained technician diagnose the cause.

Low Refrigerant

If your system routinely requires the refrigerant to be topped off, there is a leak in the piping, compressor, or coil. Refrigerant leaks impact system efficiency and should be diagnosed and repaired by an experienced AC technician.

Sensor Failure

Since corrosion of wires and terminals are common in humid environments, your entire system should be inspected at least annually. Sensors can get knocked out of position causing the unit to cycle to often or shut down completely.

As a recommendation from the U.S. Department of Energy, you should always hire a certified HVAC professional when your unit needs more than basic maintenance. In part, air conditioners make us feel cooler by reducing the amount of moisture in the air. When your unit fails to do its job, there is excess humidity in the air which inhibits the body’s natural ability to cool itself through perspiration. Our goal is to always ensure your unit is providing the highest level of indoor air quality and comfort. Call (904) 241-3785 for Ruud air conditioner repair.