AC Cooling Service Jacksonville

Air conditioning service and regular inspections protect against reduced comfort levels, inefficiency and complete system failure. Proper installation, AC service, preventative maintenance and timely AC repair are the most important investments you can make to delay the replacement of your unit. Our air conditioning services in Jacksonville and St. Augustine are cost-effective, convenient, simple and provide the highest level of protection for your cooling equipment, including:

  • AC Installation

  • AC Repairs

  • AC Replacement

For starters, our service technician performs a comprehensive full-system cleaning, because dirt is the number one enemy of your cooling performance. Dirty evaporator and condenser coils reduce your equipment’s ability to cool and cause it to run longer, increasing energy costs as well as system wear and tear. Clean blower components provide proper system airflow and allow for greater comfort levels. We also verify the refrigerant level and check for leaks, inspect all electrical connections, test the thermostat for functionality, lubricate moving parts, measure air flow across the evaporator coil and inspect fan belts and motor for tightness and condition.

Join our Maintenance program

When you join our maintenance program, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your cooling unit will be ready to handle the demands of keeping your home or business at the ideal temperature without succumbing to costly repairs. By setting up a Preferred Customer Maintenance Plan, you leave the worry to us. We provide two, 21-point precision tune-ups per year and our certified technicians will pinpoint any potential problems and make corrections before they turn into costly repairs. You’ll also benefit from a 15% discount on parts, labor and air filters with no service fees Monday thru Friday, as well as have the option to apply service costs toward the purchase of new equipment.