AC HVAC Duct Cleaning & Repair Jacksonville

Ductwork is often ignored as inconsequential. The truth is, duct cleaning is a necessity. Ducts are used to deliver and remove air to and from your heating and cooling equipment. Without those ducts, your HVAC system would be completely useless. If your ductwork is sized wrong, leaking or dirty, your heating and cooling bills are needlessly high. The efficiency of your system and the comfort it offers is directly linked to the condition and quality of your ductwork.

PRO TIP: Keep your indoor air healthy

Leaving your thermostat set to AUTO can help prevent excess moisture from getting evaporated back into the air and being circulated by the unit’s fan. In a humid climate, an indoor A/C fan becomes a humidifier. As soon as the outdoor unit shuts off, unwanted moisture can be reintroduced into the home.


When ducts look dirty, they are well beyond the point of necessary cleaning. Over months of service, contaminants build up in the system’s ductwork. Dirt causes heating and/or cooling systems to work harder and shortens the operational lifespan. A clean HVAC system is able to maintain desired temperatures and uses less energy, leading to improved cost efficiency. By calling Donovan Heat & Air for service, you’ll get the most out of your heating and cooling dollar. Our certified technicians will maintain your heating, cooling and ventilation system in peak condition, lowering utility bills, increasing performance levels, reducing the number of potential repairs and significantly extending system longevity.


The solution is simple, convenient and cost-effective. Contact Donovan Heat & Air today and schedule duct cleaning or duct repair. Our service technicians will arrive on time, complete the work in a quick and professional manner while keeping their jobsite neat. We’ll inspect and clean your duct system to provide the optimum airflow necessary to properly and efficiently heat and cool your home or business. Don’t delay. Neglected ducts leads to higher operational costs, reduced comfort and potential health issues. With a quick phone call to our courteous and friendly professionals, you’ll rest easy and enjoy uninterrupted temperature control for less money. Call (904) 241-3785 to schedule your duct cleaning today.

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