Air Conditioning Replacement

Donovan Heat & Air provides AC replacement for all makes and models of central air conditioning systems. Contaminated air can trigger coughing, sore throat, itchy eyes, shortness of breath, and continued exposure to bad air may lead to lengthy colds, frequent headaches and even chronic bronchitis. A new air conditioning unit can reverse your situation by efficiently removing pollutants and excess humidity from the air that you breathe. To get started, let our certified technician calculate your specific needs taking into account the size, age, design and construction of your home.

Our whole house testing can help to determine whether your existing system can still achieve consistent, comfortable temperatures in all areas of your home or business. Using special instruments, our air quality professionals will identify where and how your existing system is under performing. Then, we will recommend an AC replacement designed to improve air conditioning performance, reduce costs and provide a healthier indoor environment.

We partner with the leading manufacturers of air conditioning and heating systems to provide our valued customers more cooling power for the money spent on electricity. Improved compressor technology, fan-blade shape, timers, programmable thermostats and Energy Star rated models have helped to not only make cooling equipment perform better, last longer & resist malfunctions, but consume far less energy as well. Today’s cooling systems are whisper-quiet, combating noise levels with two-stage scroll compressors and deluxe sound blankets.

You can learn more about our air conditioner or heating system replacement and installation by watching the videos embedded throughout this website. With a new AC replacement, you can close the windows and enjoy cool conditioned air in every room. With a pleasant night’s sleep, you are certain to get more out of every day. To ensure you’re getting the best replacement products installed to the highest industry standards, call us today at (904) 241-3785.