Air Duct Cleaning

When do you need your ductwork cleaned?

  • When no filter was used for a period of days or weeks.
  • A filter that was too small was used.
  • A filter that was too permeable.
  • If you visibly see dust or debris coming out of the air supply vents.
  • If you are the new homeowner and are concerned the maintenance was previously neglected.

In a typical six-room home, up to 40 pounds of dust is created annually! Filters are often ignored. Filtration is the first line of defense to keep that dust out of your ductwork and out of YOUR lungs! We use powerful Rotobrush Duct Cleaning equipment to handle even the most impacted air system. Clean ductwork is vital for indoor air quality. If you suspect your air is passing across moldy or mildew covered ductwork schedule an appointment for a FREE ductwork inspection!

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What is done during a duct cleaning?

Inspect & Prep

  • Ductwork is inspected prior to cleaning.
  • The technician provides a flat rate quote on cleaning, no hidden fees or up-charges!
  • The technician drapes furniture and sets up his ladder and equipment.


  • The technician removes and sanitizes all supply vent grilles.
  • Ducts are cleaned at each supply access point with the Rotobrush.
  • Return grill and duct are cleaned.
  • Blower wheel is cleaned.
  • A light, in place cleaning of the evaporator coil is performed.


  • Recommendations are presented to the homeowner along with documentation.
  • Technician collects cash, check, or credit card payment.
  • Drapes tools and ladder are removed. Technician cleans up after himself.
  • Additional follow-up appointments for routine maintenance are scheduled.

Clean ductwork works more efficiently! If the utility bills in your Jacksonville, FL home are unusually high, schedule a FREE ductwork inspection today and get the most out of your heating and cooling dollars. We are currently offering a $100 coupon when you call and schedule a duct cleaning!