Heating Service Jacksonville

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests having a HVAC professional perform a pre-season service of your heating system. A properly maintained furnace can last as long as twenty years, cost less to operate and keep you more comfortable. Our heating services are cost-effective, convenient, simple and provide the highest level of protection for your equipment, including:

It’s not just about saving money and ensuring a well-functioning, durable heat source. A dirty furnace degrades the air you breathe and directly contributes to health problems. To promote healthy indoor air quality, it is critical to maintain your cooling unit and its venting mechanism. To produce heat, furnaces burn fuel. The combustion process must be precise to guarantee safety. Not only can improperly operating gas or oil connections lead to gas leaks or dangerous carbon monoxide levels, they are a fire hazard. Our trained HVAC technicians will check all connections, gas pressure, burner combustion and heat exchanger.

Join our Maintenance program

Donovan Heat & Air provides a Preferred Customer maintenance plan which includes a 15% discount on all needed parts, guarantees emergency service, two 21-point precision tune-ups per year, priority scheduling and the benefit of knowing your heating equipment will be ready when you need it most. Instead of dealing with untimely breakdowns, and possibly waiting during long cold days for replacement parts and paying for costly repairs, you’ll stay warm and comfortable. In addition, less repairs equal lower operational costs. With a quick phone call, you can trust your furnace to provide consistent temperature control no matter how long or cold the upcoming winter rages.