HVAC Repair & Service

The average family spends a minimum of $200 every month on energy bills, with more than half of that serving the heating and cooling of your home. By calling Donovan Heat & Air for an HVAC repair or service, you can make your existing system more-efficient and offset some of your rising energy costs. Our factory certified technicians will check the efficiency of your HVAC equipment, making sure it can heat and cool your home effectively regardless of the season.

PRO TIP: Did you know your sprinkler system can damage your heat pump?

Many homes in the Jacksonville area have relatively shallow wells, which means that the water pumping through your sprinkler system is either high in salt or high in sulfur. Make sure that none of your sprinkler heads spray onto your outdoor heat pump unit, because both salt and sulfur are corrosive this could shorten the life of your equipment.


Watch your sprinkler system to make sure no water is getting on your heat pump. If there’s a problem, call your sprinkler company and ask them to redirect the sprinkler head. Over time, as the internal parts of your HVAC become corroded or clogged, the friction caused by debris on the motor, air handler or heat exchanger can result in excessive wear and tear. The harder your equipment must work to maintain desired temperatures, the more likely it is to fail. Our heating repair & service will help you avoid higher energy consumption by allowing your HVAC to operate at peak efficiency year round.