Nest Smart Thermostats

Is your AC thermostat programmed to deliver ideal indoor comfort around the clock? For most homeowners, the answer is “no”. In fact, unless you’re lucky enough to own the latest Nest Thermostat with built-in learning features, you probably don’t have the advanced technology needed to perfectly control the heating and cooling of your home. Although most smart thermostats come with a booklet containing the manufacturer’s instructions for setting multiple programs for their device, these owner’s manuals are frequently written to include several models making them difficult to understand and even more cumbersome to use. Now, Nest Learning Thermostats are changing the game when it comes to managing indoor comfort.


Nest Pro

Nest 3rd Gen

PRO TIP: Total Comfort with Energy Savings

Since saving energy starts with improving your heating and cooling system’s controls, a Nest Learning Thermostat can save homeowners an average of 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on monthly cooling costs. Plus, it automatically programs itself by learning what settings you and your family prefer.


The latest generation of Nest Learning Thermostats automatically adapt to your family’s lifestyle. As each day rolls into night and the seasons constantly change around you, this smart thermostat automatically adapts. And, that’s not all. The Nest Thermostat is finished in stainless steel, copper, white or black to fit any home’s decor. Instead of the traditional beige gauge with temperature settings across the top or side, you’re looking at a stylish round unit displaying the temperature, weather or time (digital or analog clock face) on an easy-to-read black background. Because no two households have the same comfort needs, the Nest Thermostat learns the temperatures you like as well as the times of day you like those comfort settings.


Because they are so complicated to use, most smart thermostats are never programmed to save energy.* Since a Nest Thermostat keeps on learning, the temperature in your home is accurately adjusted for maximum energy savings based on your personal preferences for indoor comfort. It even keeps up with the weather in Jacksonville while tracking and storing energy savings for you. Other built-in features include:

  • Lowers AC runtime by up to 30% via Airwave technology.
  • Works with multiple system types (e.g. heat pump or forced air).
  • Turns AC compressor off before target temperature is reached.
  • Notifies owners when it is time to change the unit’s filter.
  • Fine-tunes itself as it monitors changes in seasonal settings.
  • Lets you control the display as a digital or analog clock or temp gauge.

Although energy savings come primarily from the thermostat’s ability to control set point temperatures around the clock, the Nest Learning Thermostat makes finite adjustments for when people are in the house (or not) as well as when they prefer a warmer or cooler environment. Plus, the unit’s smart technology allows it to make seamless adjustments as seasonal temperatures vary from one year to the next.

To learn more about installing a Nest Thermostat in your home, contact Donovan Heat & Air at (904) 241-3785. Our N.A.T.E. certified technician assigned to your service area will inspect your heating & air conditioning system and discuss your options for saving energy while improving year-round comfort levels in your home.

*NOTE: Results of an online survey conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California Davis found that 89% of those polled did not increase their energy savings because they rarely or never used their programmable thermostat to set weekday or weekend comfort levels.